author : Clem Chambers

level 2 Articles

by Clem Chembers



About is a website created for the distribution of information only. Our purpose is to inform and educate the private investing community of the benefits of Level 2. We encourage people to explore our website and inquire about any queries they may have regarding our website. is a branch of Advanced Financial Network (ADVFN) and much of our content is derived from our extensive knowledge and expertise in stock market data processing. It is the goal of ADVFN to reach the private investor and give them the necessary investing tools free of charge. Again, we are an information website only and do not take part in any type of transaction. If you wish to view ADVFN's investor relations, feel free to visit our website at contains content regarding NASDAQ's TotalView as well as services provided through ADVFN's free website. TotalView is an important underutilized professional tool that the private NASDAQ investor should use when making transactions. Level 2 data can be found on both of the TotalView and ADVFN websites and are meant to give the private investor a helping hand in their stock portfolio management.

The articles posted on are the product of a selection of journal articles written by Clem Chambers, managing director at ADVFN and regular Traders' contributor. Mr. Chambers is a firm believer that Level 2 will keep you one step ahead of the game and increase your knowledge of investing in the stock market. These articles have been reviewed, edited and publish in a number of media outlets and are a great source for all level users of Level 2. It is our hope that these journal selections will encourage all private investors to use and explore Level 2 as well as the other available resources located on the ADVFN website.