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Free Level 2 Quotes

StockMarketLevel2 and ADVFN are offering you the chance to experience Level 2 Lite free for a whole month. Level 2 Lite gives unlimited access to London Stock Exchange prices (Level 1) and also real-time UK Level 2 data, which allows you to trade with the same data used by brokers and City traders. We have also enhanced our Level 2 products in the last few weeks to feature Level 3 – a montage of the PLUS Markets and London Stock Exchange order book.

Level 3 combines two pools of liquidity by showing the full order book - all outstanding orders to buy and sell shares in the market – for stocks traded on both the PLUS quote–driven trading platform and the London Stock Exchange. ADVFN is the only place on the internet where you can view an amalgamation of the 'bid' and 'offer' for each market participant, in addition to the size they are buying or selling in, for both trading platforms.

The move to incorporate data from PLUS, which is quickly becoming a favoured trading platform for UK retail brokers and market makers, into ADVFN's Level 2 Lite screens marks a major elevation in market transparency for you, the private investor.

Call us today on 0870 7940236 and we will upgrade your account to Level 2 Lite free for a whole month.

Level 2 Lite : Features

  1. UK Advanced Level 2 screens
  2. A montage of data from Plus Markets and LSE for a complete Level 2 view
  3. UK AND US Level 1 unlimited real–time prices – no more time outs!
  4. NASDAQ * S&P * Dow Jones
  5. Quote change report
  6. SETS analysis page
  7. Order book 'Toplists'
  8. PDA access
  9. Monitor Mailer

If you have any further questions about the Free Level 2 Lite trial or would like to upgrade your account to Level 2 Lite free for a month just give us a call on 0870 7940236 Monday – Friday 8.30am – 5.30pm

Free Level 2 Trial Conditions

CANCEL AT ANY TIME DURING THE TRIAL you have to subscribe to the monthly service to get the trial, which means we will need your payment details.

However, you will not be charged for the first four weeks. You can cancel your subscription by calling or Customer Support team on the number above. After the 4–week trial period you will need to unsubscribe by confirming via written letter. The one month free upgrade to level 2 is not valid if you have previously subscribed to any of ADVFN level 2 services. For full details please contact our Customer Support.